Specialized Engagements

Specific expertise to optimize savings in extraordinary circumstances

The risk-free nature of our engagements makes them appealing as stand-alone cost savings projects. After all, the impact of each million in sourcing savings may equate to as much as twenty million in revenue growth.

Our resources and expertise become even more compelling when provided in support of transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and financial restructuring, or in support of private equity firms and franchised organizations. For these engagements, we integrate our services into the client's activities — accelerating and optimizing the associated savings.

Financial Restructuring

As a key member of your restructuring advisory team, we can identify opportunities to renegotiate contracts for optimized cost structures. Our resources augment your internal resources, expediting the process and keeping your internal team focused on the task at hand.

  • Review enterprise-wide vendor spend and identify optimization opportunities
  • Working in conjunction with the restructuring advisory firm, coordinate the assume/renegotiate/reject list for vendor agreements
  • For selected vendors, lead re-negotiations of go-forward pricing and terms
  • Support settlement of pre-petition A/P obligations, and the implementation of amendments and assumption agreements
  • Validate new pricing and implemented savings

Mergers and Acquisitions

In today’s environment, almost every merger or acquisition has some level of cost savings baked into the deal. Our team has real-world experience leading acquisition assimilation and integration teams and driving the identification and realization of deal synergies.

  • Pre-Closing: In many cases, regulatory or financial market concerns prevent merging companies from sharing "full access" to detailed information such as contracts and invoice information. Our clean room solution is designed to secure the benefit of pre-closing planning while maintaining the confidentiality of each party. We deliver an assessment of the savings opportunities and a recommended prioritization based upon our review of the contract and invoice information.
  • Post-Closing: Leverage our enterprise analytics capabilities to normalize data and identify discrete savings opportunities. Operating as part of the integration team, we optimize and accelerate the implementation of synergy savings.
  • Post-Implementation: Validate realized savings to ensure the benefits fall to the bottom line.

Private Equity Programs

We help private equity companies enhance their financial returns by improving the profitability of their portfolio companies through the implementation of portfolio purchasing programs.

  • Group Portfolio Purchasing Programs: We identify opportunities to establish preferred supplier agreements across the portfolio companies on an "opt in" basis, without creating obligations at the private equity firm level. Then we work with the various companies to demonstrate the ROI for each agreement.
  • Individual Portfolio Company Projects: We identify stand-alone opportunities within individual portfolio companies by implementing our traditional enterprise sourcing services.
  • Acquisition Due Diligence: Prior to the completion of an acquisition, we assist private equity partners with establishing accurate cost optimization targets tied to specific action plans. Once the acquisition is complete, we put the plan to action and complete the negotiations required to achieve the cost reduction targets established during the due diligence period.

Franchised Organizations

Franchise operators face unique challenges when negotiating enterprise purchasing agreements. Our experience working with global franchised organizations allows us to develop purchasing arrangements that provide the benefit of aggregated volumes but limit the downside of large purchase commitments.

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