Our Guarantee

When a consulting company touts a "success based" model, it’s only as risk-free as their definition of "success.” Our definition isn’t our definition. It’s yours. Our unique engagement governance model guarantees true alignment of activities, savings, and fees.

You determine which opportunities we pursue.

Third Law Sourcing will identify and propose specific sourcing opportunities, along with savings estimates and implementation plans. You evaluate, accept or reject each proposed savings opportunities.  If you reject a proposed savings opportunity, for any reason, you owe us nothing.

You will have visibility into our work.

We will always provide transparency into our activities, progress, and results. Our methodology minimizes the need for your hands-on involvement, however we encourage clients to become as involved in the process as they desire.

We obtain your approval for all proposed terms throughout the negotiation until we have established an agreement in principal between you and your vendor. Lastly, we will share the details of our methods with your team, ensuring that they fully benefit from the engagement.

We always operate in a principled fashion.

We are vendor agnostic and will never recommend a particular vendor, product, or service. Our negotiations with your partners will be collaborative, based on visibility into their pricing practices and an understanding of mutual interests and incentives.

No games, no negotiation “tricks.”

You will have control over what we are paid.

There is nothing in our contingency-fee contracts that requires your company to pay for savings you do not believe were implemented, for work that did not drive savings, or for savings from work that was not explicitly approved.

We are paid only for real, incremental, hard-dollar savings that you have confirmed. Approved fees are paid out over time to ensure that our engagements are always net cash flow positive.

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