Our Firm

Third Law Sourcing was founded by former executives who have engaged consultants on "success-based" projects from the client side. Those individual experiences highlight the difficulty inherent in defining and justifying contingent fees. It also informed our approach to creating the model for Third Law Sourcing.

We established our firm to provide answers to the questions we asked ourselves:
  • How do I determine if the work being done is truly incremental to what my own employees are, or would have soon, been doing?
  • How do I avoid a significant resource investment while maintaining visibility into the process and control over the outcome?
  • How do I confirm that savings are implemented and avoid paying fees for savings that are not realized?
  • How do I ensure projects are not disruptive to our current supplier operations and do not degrade our current relationships?

Our Philosophy

Our principled and objective approach to sourcing is based on the Harvard Program on Negotiation and ensures your relationships with your vendors remain strong.

Our engagement governance process protects our clients from conflicting or overlapping consultant activities and provides them with control over the definition of realized savings.
See Our Guarantee to learn more.

Our Team

Executive negotiations

We recognize that senior managers are often the most effective negotiators in the company, but they are typically involved only in the largest negotiations; often after initial discussions with the vendor have "set the bar.” Their understanding of the strategic fit of a vendor solution is key to their decision-making, but they do not typically have the bandwidth to focus on indirect spending areas.

Category Leadership

A former executive with specific expertise in a defined category leads each of our practices. Our principals are the working resources that lead negotiations with your suppliers. For example, our IT negotiations are led by a former CIO. Our telecom negotiations are led by a former telecom executive. Our leasing negotiations are led by a former CFO. This combination of domain expertise and sourcing acumen is unique and gives us increased credibility when negotiating with vendors.

Senior resources conducting sensitive negotiations

Negotiations with incumbent vendor relationships require more finesse than a standard RFP vendor selection or the simple exposition of pricing benchmarks. Supported by our team of sourcing managers and analysts, and augmented by deep vendor pricing intelligence, our senior resources are able to customize the negotiation approach for each opportunity.

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