Procurement Consulting

The Continual Re-evaluation and Improvement of Corporate Spending

The term "Strategic Sourcing" describes the continual re-evaluation and improvement of corporate spending. It is differentiated from traditional purchasing activities, which focus primarily on the acquisition of goods and services.

While purchasing is generally viewed as a "cost sink,” enterprise procurement can provide an economic value-added benefit. For our clients, the results of our engagements often create a compelling financial case for investing in a strategic sourcing organization.

A roadmap without risk

Our Procurement Consulting services provide a risk-free approach to establish a roadmap for this transformation. Unlike traditional hourly consulting, these activities augment our sourcing engagements and can be entirely funded through the associated contingency fees. These fees are not paid until you confirm the hard-dollar savings created by the associated pricing reductions.

The process

Engagements begin with an assessment of the current state and effectiveness of current procurement resources, processes, and automation. We then perform analytics on the current expenditure categories, including associated sourceable spend, transaction volumes, vendor relationships, product catalogs, and contract leakage.

Our Procurement Roadmap will provide actionable recommendations, based on your specific business requirements.
  • Organizational Alignment and Integration, including structure, integration, roles, responsibilities, and the associated ROI of each implementation phase.
  • Category Management, based on savings potential, required expertise, and the existing environment
  • Procurement workflow, including the requisition and procure to pay process, contract administration and vendor management, inventory and asset tracking, and required automation and integration to the existing systems.
  • Metrics and Measurement to ensure savings realization and validation, and to optimize organizational ROI.

The bottom line

As companies grow, so does the importance and bottom-line impact of its procurement activities. For a company with distributed procurement responsibilities, strategic sourcing will represent at least 10 percent year over year direct hard-dollar savings, while improving order management, supplier accountability, and inventory/demand management.

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